Lubbock Aquarium Student Ambassador Program

Lubbock Aquarium, Inc. is currently taking applications for students to serve as Lubbock Aquarium Student Ambassadors (LASA) for the 2018-2019 school year. We recognize how integral the children of our community will be to the success of the aquarium, and wish to provide an opportunity for the voices of our local youth to be heard as the aquarium becomes a reality. The program is also designed to create community involvement and leadership opportunities within area schools.

Goals of the LASA Program:

Foster enthusiasm for the Lubbock Aquarium within area schools.
Create leadership opportunities for LASA participants and their school committees.
Complete a conservation, education, or philanthropy project as it relates to the aquarium.
Provide input on aquarium exhibits.
Provide input on and participate in the creation and design of educational programs.
Provide input on and participate in the creation and design of conservation initiatives.
Provide input on and participate in the design and planning of aquarium events.

Each Student Ambassador is expected to form a committee of interested peers at their school to complete the goals of the LASA program, and to hold regular meetings throughout the school year.  Each LASA member (and their subsequent school-formed committee) will be partnered with mentors from the Lubbock Aquarium leadership who will give guidance on how to conduct meetings and help handle any issues or concerns that may arise during the program.

Requirements for joining LASA:

Students entering 3rd grade-12th grade are eligible to apply.
Applicants must completely fill out the application form and submit it by the stated deadline.
Applicants must have an adult sponsor and approval of school.
Applicants must submit a reference letter from an individual that is not an immediate family member.
Should be in good academic standing.
Should be able to organize and attend monthly Student Ambassador meetings within school.
Should be willing and able to serve for 1-year term, option to serve consecutive terms.
Should support the initiative of bringing an aquarium to Lubbock.
Should volunteer with at least two aquarium events for a minimum of 4 hours total.
Should attend Student Leadership Orientation.
Student agree to be available to provide periodic updates to Lubbock Aquarium Board.
Nominal fees for shirts or other materials may be required.

Representing the Lubbock Aquarium:

Students should represent the Lubbock Aquarium by conducting themselves in a positive manner:
Respectful to peers, mentors, and Lubbock Aquarium Board.
Dress code-follow school guidelines.
No cursing or horse play.
Be mindful of distractions; cell phones should be placed away while volunteering and at meetings.
Maintain a good attitude.

Lubbock Aquarium is only accepting 15 Students for the 2018-2019 academic year. Please fill out the online application or download and fill out and submit by August 20, 2018 and send to, or Lubbock Aquarium Student Ambassador, PO Box 65751, Lubbock, TX 79464.