Board of Directors


President-Kai Evans (pictured front row right)
Adventure Park 

Treasurer-Ashton Haynes (pictured front row left)
Ramar Communication

Secretary-Clint Gregg (pictured back row far right)

Vice President-Kevin Sanders (pictured back row 2nd left)
Pinnacle Financial

Director-Jim Evans (pictured back row 2nd right)
Adventure Park

Director-Karen Gibson (pictured back row center)
Lubbock City Council

Director-Dr Richard Lampe (pictured back row far left)
TTU Health Science Center Pediactrics

Education & Outreach Committee


Chair-Nathan Collie, PhD (pictured center right)
TTU Biology

Co-Chair-Jerrod Pickering, PhD (pictured far right)
Garland Heart

Member-Stace Jones (pictured far left)
Early Learning Tree Center

Member-Jessica Spott (pictured center left)
TTU Stem Core

Member-Bart Durham, Ph.D
LCU Natural Science

Member-Ken Griffith, Ph.D
TTU STEM-Core, Step Program

Events & Fundraising Committee


Chair-Kai Evans (pictured back row far right) 
Adventure Park 

Co-Chair-Razonia McClellan Farrar (pictured front row far right)
Razonia McClellan Public Relations

Member-Robin Going (pictured back row far left)

Member-Amaris Garcia (pictured back row 2nd to left)
Amaris Garcia Marketing Firm 

Member-Annette Castellano  (pictured back row center)
Special Olympics

Member-Lena Zappia  (pictured back row 2nd to right)

Member-Ashley Castillon
Marriage and Family Therapist

Member-Maddie Maes (pictured front row far left)
My Lubbock Homes 

Building Committee


Chair-Stacey Mincey
Condray Design Group

Co-Chair-Tyler Henthorn
Henthorn Construction

Member-Mary Crites (pictured 2nd to right)

Member-Mary Crites (pictured 2nd to right)

Member-Cory Branch
Parkhill Smith and Cooper

Member-Rolando Terreros (pictured far right)
All Aquaria

Member-Mario Contreras (pictured 2nd to left)
All Aquaria

Member-Chad Seay
Cornerstone Construction

Member-Rachelle Seay
Southwest Aqua Sports

Member-James White, AIA
TTU-College of Architecture

Member-Monty Bradshaw
BSA Consulting and Engineering

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Did You Know?

Individual corals grow together to form coral reefs, which are responsible for providing almost 25% of all marine species with food, shelter, and a breeding location. Their extensive biodiversity and complex ecosystems has inspired the nickname, “Rainforests of the Sea.”

“Bringing an aquarium to Lubbock not only has educational advantages but will provide jobs to many of its citizens.”

- Lynn Weir, South Plains Food Bank

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