Volunteering is FUN! Volunteering is EXCITING! Volunteering can be LIFE CHANGING!

If you love the Ocean...if you are passionate about marine animals...if you are driven to give back to your community, why not consider becoming a volunteer for the Lubbock Aquarium? As a non-profit organization, volunteers make a huge difference.

Lubbock Aquarium Student Ambassador

Students Ambassadors for 2018-2019

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A Lubbock Aquarium Student Ambassador is a 4th- 12th grade student who is interested in working with the Lubbock Aquarium by recruiting friends and peers in their school and community to be part of their Lubbock Aquarium support club. The LASA and their group will complete a project focused around conservation, education or volunteerism. Throughout the process, each school group will be mentored by both a Lubbock Christian University and Texas Tech University undergraduate student. This program is a fun and interactive way for students to make a difference in their community and learn about the importance of the oceans and its inhabitants.

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For more information, email education@lubbockaquarium.org

“I am excited because when I grow up I want to be a marine biologist.”

- 9 Year Old Jaden Smith, Lubbock Student

Did You Know?

Although commonly referred to as Starfish, they are actually "echinoderms" and more closely resemble sea urchins and sand dollars than fish. There are more than 2000 species of starfish living in our oceans, and while most species have 5 arms, some can have up to 40! Despite having an eye at the end of each arm, starfish are unable to see color.

Opportunities in our regular volunteer program include:

Community Events

Welcoming and general information about the Aquarium

Activity Crafts

Getting young participants involved in arts & crafts and older ones in conservation activities

Education Programs

Welcoming and general information about conservation and the Lubbock Aquarium

Administrative Support

Assist Board and Committee in administrative tasks

Behind the Scenes

Assisting staff with repairs, animal care, or cleaning of mobile aquarium. Note that volunteers must volunteer at least 10 hours in other areas of the Aquarium, and complete any additional training required for their area of interest before interviewing to work behind the scenes

Volunteer Requirements

  • 12 years or older
  • U.S. citizen, or hold a current work visa, student visa or green card
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to pass a background check and provide contact information for two professional or academic references
  • Ability to volunteer at least 10 hours per year

Discover the unique, educational and fun volunteer opportunities at the Lubbock Aquarium!

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